How To Clean Roller Blinds

How to clean Roller Blinds. Do you love the way your blinds instantly brighten your room, but hate how they can gather dust? If you have plastic or polyester lined blinds as most are, dust is bound to stick.

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When cleaning your blinds you won’t be worried about ruining them if you follow our handy cleaning tips, here are a couple you may find useful:

Our first tip for cleaning your Roller blinds is to gently brush over your blinds with an almost dry cloth working your way from the top middle to the edge. This should remove all the dust from them. Support your blind and don’t rub, gently wipe with your cloth.

Using a yellow duster or similar material on your roller blinds is not advisable, as you will leave a trail of fluff. Make sure you wipe gently otherwise you could end up leaving dirty smudge marks on your roller blinds.

Alternatively, using your hoover and its special brush attachment set to the lowest setting is a very great way to spruce up your dusty roller blinds. Make sure the brush attachment is clean and dry before using. Please make sure you gently support your blinds.

Starting from the top work your way down the open roller blinds, work outwards from the middle of the blind. It is not advisable to use any other hoover utensil as if the blind is in contact with the actual vacuum you may damage the blind.

We hope you found our Roller Blinds cleaning tip useful. Feel free to share your own advice in the comments below.

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